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Double K


Use Double K as a base for your Adventures

Besides being a great venue for retreats - Double K offers a range of adventure programs to add on to your visit. 

Come Stay with Us, Come Play with us!

Yakima River

The Yakima River, minutes away from Double K, offers fun for all ages.  Double K offers guided float trips down this scenic river.  While the water can be moving fast, rapids rarely exceed class I.  It's beautiful, it's clear, it's fun!

Based on your interest and water levels we help select sections of the Yakima between Easton and Thorp Wa.  Trips can range from an afternoon to a whole day of fun.

This is a great trip option for families, kids, or groups who want to have fun on a beautiful river, get wet, and enjoy.

Wenatchee River

The Wenatchee River is our local destination for big fun!  Featuring numerous class III (and sometimes IV) rapids -it offers excitement for Junior High through adult groups.

We base these trips out of Double K and use our DK bus to transport groups up to the river (about 1.5 hours away).  Trips include lunch and take up most of a day.

There's nothing like crashing down a river to bring a group together!

Rock Climbing

Come Climb with us!  We base our trips out of Double K and travel (via DK bus) to different crags (depending on the season). 

Best Season: June 15 - Oct 1

We set climbing routes based on group goals and abilities.  For those familiar with climbing grades: between 5.0 to 5.10 with average around 5.6.  For those new to climbing - we can set routes from easy (almost 100% to the top) to very hard (small percent reaches the top without resting).  Along the way, participants will learn belay basics, how to tie essential climbing knots, climber communication, and cliff side etiquette.

Our climbing trips are ideal for group sizes of 6 to 12. This creates more personal connections and minimizes impacts to the climbing areas.  Group bigger than 12? - we can space out multiple trips in a day if your schedule is flexible.

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