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 Registration is open!  It's also a great time to arrange a tour -  509-656-2304
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Community, Education, Developing Awareness & Resilience

Weekday education for
1st - 5th grade students
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C.E.D.A.R. - Community, Education, Developing Awareness and Resilience

Weekday educational programs for students 1st-5th grade

When: Weekdays starting September 14th, 2020

For Who: Students 1st - 5th grade

Times: Drop off 7:40 - 8:10am Pick up 3:30-3:50pm

Cost: $295/week; $180 3-days; $65/day

     *sibling discount available

Our Cedar program is designed to:

1) Help kids excel at their online learning

2) Get kids get outside and in nature

3) Get kids excited about the world around them

4) Let kids be in community (given it's a small one)



*As we get information from the the schools we will be actively adjusting the schedule.  Our goal regardless - half the time completing online coursework half the time outside!

8:10 - Class meeting / Sharing

8:25 - Online learning / curriculum

10:00 - Snack break and check in

10:15 - Online learning / curriculum.  May be complemented with further reading, coding, or electronics

12:00 - Lunch

12:30 - Afternoon outdoors, varies each week, may include outdoor & environmental education, hiking, pond, stream, field, and or forest time. 

3:00 - Return to base; closing check in

3:30 - Pick up

CEDAR –Community, Education, Developing Awareness & Resilience


Community – One of the most important parts about school is community.  Our kids need to learn to work with others and care about their community.   In the workplace EQ (how one interacts with people) is as important as IQ (one's sheer problem solving power).    

Education – Philosophically, metaphysically, and epistemologically – we believe that knowledge is based in applicable ideas, learned through direct experience, and developed for the good of society. While the online learning component of our program contrasts our ideals – we strive to make the best of it.  When possible we try to help the students link their online coursework with real life "sense of place" examples that they can relate to.

Developing Awareness – Awareness of self, others, the environment, and the world around us.  When discovery can lead to wonder, engagement, awe – good things happen.

Resilience – When we can healthily internalize failures / obstacles / hardships and respond positively with action, grit, and creativity – we grow.  We aim to create an environment where challenges and “whammies” are celebrated and looked upon as opportunities. 

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What's our Niche?

Both the directors here at Double K have their M.S. Degrees in Experiential Education and are ardent believers in engaged learning.  They also have elementary age students at CERSD and want to create a community of learners.

We designed our Cedar program to fulfill student's online curriculum needs, engage in outdoor and experiential learning, and give kids a chance to come together in community

We believe in a "responsive classroom" - where students' voices and sharing are welcome, wanted, and part of the daily routine. 

We love tech!  We want to see kids learning to solder circuit boards, coding, and hopefully learning Linux. And yes, even 1st graders can learn.

Outdoors is our specialty.  Kids need space, nature, and exploration.  Double K is blessed with all these.  We have a pond, stream, forest and fields.  The more time outside without a mask - the better.

Double K is a Christian environment.  While students are welcome from all walks of life, one can expect fun prayers before meals and a staff grounded in Christian hospitality. 

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 - 18:30 SATURDAY 11:00 - 17:00

SUNDAY 12:30 - 16:30 

Connecting to your child's online classroom


You are welcome to send your child with their own computer or arrange to use Double K's (this needs to be done in advance)

Regardless of the hardware, we will help students access their online content which may include:


  • MobyMax

  • Google Classroom

  • Clever

  • Seesaw

  • Zoom and / or Google Meet

With separate parent/guardian permission, we would like students to be able to access their own private e-mail so they can connect and share with you (the parent).  Please see permission on parent form page.

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  • Group sizes limited to 10 or less

  • Computer workstations for each student (You're also welcome to bring your own)

  • Large open classrooms

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Oh the "Fun" of Forms

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