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Environmental and Experiential Education

Outdoor Classroom

We believe knowledge is in applicable concepts, learned through direct experience and for the good of society.  Retained learning is best when it has relevant parallels in the world kids know.  We hope we can help serve you.

Favorite programs:

  • Pond Study

  • Stream Study

  • Pond and stream comparison

  • Orienteering

  • Adaptations and Track making

  • Tree Study

  • Moving Mountains (geology)

  • Predator Prey Simulations

  • Cultures and Conquests (social studies)

Evening Programs:

  • Square Dance

  • Night time orienteering

  • Star Gazing

  • Family Night

  • Dutch Auction

  • Field Games

While our facility can easily handle groups of 150+, we are currently growing our program and best equipped to help facilitate classrooms and home school groups (preferably 25 or less at a time).  Our facilities are open to greater potential with more involvement from school leadership

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