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Family Camp!

July 12-15th, 2023

PNA Family Camp

July 12th-15th, 2023

Family camp at Double K has a couple of meanings:  It is both fun for your family and your whole Church family, a time for spiritual renewal and a time for fun, as well as a time to relax and enjoy company and/or high energy fun.  Come join us for a week of fun, faith, and fellowship.

NEW - Room and campsite assignments are based on the registration date!


We've tried to simplify the form. 

1) Select your stay -4 nights of family camp: July 12th -16th  or just Friday & Saturday nights 14th-16th  (leaving on Sunday morning)

2) Select whether you're staying inside the lodge, an RV, or in your tent

     2b) If camping - decide if you'd like meals cooked for you

3)number of people

4) mail-in or e-mail us for an electronic invoice

Question?  e-mail Kelly -





A son of the Church of God Movement, Ron grew up in a German Evangelist’s family and learned to love the Lord and the Church at an early age. Sensing the call to pastoral ministry, Ron attended Gulf Coast Bible College and Mid-America Christian University. He also holds a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry from Anderson School of Theology. Ron has been the Lead Pastor at First Church of God in Venice, FL for the past 30 years. The Church serves its community through a Christian pre-school and various initiatives designed as ministry to the fostering community. Ron has a son, two daughters, and four grandchildren. His wife of 33 years passed from this life in 2018.


In late 2019 Ron reconnected with Melanie. They had dated 40 years earlier in High School Youth Group. They were married in 2020. Melanie has a Master’s degree in Music. She uses her talents to lead worship, play the piano, guitar, sing, and arrange music. In her spare time she enjoys graphic design and art. She loves to teach and perform. Both Ron and Mel have a heart for God and love to pour into people. Their desire is for God to be glorified through their life and ministryistr

Ron Fichtenberg

Ron Bio-final1024_1.jpg.png

Sherry Hofer is a graduate of Warner Pacific College. Prior to her marriage she helped run REM Indiana, in Indianapolis providing services to adults with mental handicaps. Following her marriage she was the Alumni Director for Warner Pacific and now works for Brent Hofer Painting, has her own business as a sourdough bread maker and a pasta business. With Brent, they founded Kurtz-Conrad Writings which, through speaking and writing, brings help to individuals in the grip of domestic abuse.

Brent Hofer is a graduate of Warner Pacific College. He was a youth pastor for 17 years and worship pastor for 13 years. In 2009 he started Brent C. Hofer Painting. They have been married for 24 years and have two daughters, Eleanna and Nicole. In 2019, Brent’s book, Confessions of An Angry Man, was self-published. Sherry and Brent see themselves as enlighteners and funnels by bringing understanding to those in abusive situations and directing them to the professional help they need.

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