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We Aim to Please!

We like to think that our food service is the reason people and groups keep coming back to Double K.

We serve our meals buffet style and love options.  Special diets - no problem.

Specialty meals may be available upon request and please let us know early (ex. mens group wanting steak or everything gluten free)


Special Diets

To help us serve you - we need to know about specific food allergies and medical needs related to food.  One of our own staff has serious food allergies and we are very sympathetic.  

If you want special non-medical diet requests - we may need to increase our food fees (ex. Paleo, keto, vegan or....) Standard increase for non-medical food electives is around $2/meal.

Special Meals

Is your group looking for something specific when it comes to food service?  Many of our groups want to do something special and most of the time we can make it happen.  Depending on if we have other groups here at the same time and your group's size - we'd love to work with. Let us know how we can help!

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