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Supporting the Double K Ministries

Double K exists:

  • As a place set apart

  • A place for people to grow in faith, in community, and in character.

  • A place outside the norm - where people can see and appreciate aspects of others they've never seen before.

Did you know?

Statistics say that half your congregation went to faith-based camp as a kid?

That the majority of your pastors went to church camp as a kid?

Double K exists because of people like you.  The facility operates itself based on income - but growth happens from generous donations of others.  People who believe that when you get away from your day to day life - you can make leaps of faith - both as an individual and as a community of Christ.

Churches that PLAY Together STAY Together

Financial Gifts

Financial gifts help make Double K grow.  They help us serve more people, develop new programs, expand the facility, and serve people who otherwise wouldn't be able to come.

Please consider:

  • Donating to Double K (either as a one time gift or a reoccurring one)

  • Putting Double K in with your estate planning.  A small estate percentage makes a big difference

  • Donating stocks to Double K (and avoiding capital gains taxes)

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