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Double K offers full paintball programs for our groups.  Typical programs run from 2 to 3+ hours and are packed with a multiple games and types of games. 

Ages: Adults to teens

How Many? : We can outfit groups from 8 to 36 at a time.  For larger groups - we can split game times between morning and afternoon. 

Can you bring your own gear? : While we have a recommended list of protective clothing - we ask you use our markers (it keeps the games fair and equalized)

Games we play

  • Classic team elimination

  • Capture the Flag

  • Capture the Fort

  • VIP / Princess / President

  • Defend the Fort


$27 - Base fee.  This includes marker, air (N2), face mask, and hopper full of paint balls (around 200)

Additional paint balls can be purchased

$12 - Hopper

$18 - 500

$70 - 2000 (case)

What to wear:

  • We recommend loose clothes that cover as much skin as possible. Sweats are good. Added neck protection good.

  • Hoody / or backwards baseball cap

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Possibly tight fitting gloves that won't block access to the trigger

  • On the course you may NEVER take off your Face Mask.

paintball not to wear.jpg
paintball courses 1600.png

3 Courses to Play!

We vary the games between 3 very different courses...

The Jungle - is a giant zone of heavy growth perfect for large scale capture the flag and team elimination.

The Fort - has a large wooden fort in the center and defensive structures dispersed throughout.  Whether you're going head to head, taking the fort, or whether a smaller force is trying to defend it from a larger - tons of fun!

The Mountains - our most recent addition and the most popular.  The course is composed of 4 very large stretching, curving, earth mounts.  Whether elimination, multiple teams, capture the mount, or any other game - rounds are high intensity fun! 

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