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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering and gifts of service make this place GREAT.  Double K wouldn't be the place it is without those willing to give of their time, passion, knowledge, and wisdom.

If you or your Church group would like to have a chance to put faith in action (get get fed well along the way) - please contact us!

(509) 656-2304

WEEKEND HELP NEEDED - Volunteer, paid or stipend

In January - March we need help in the kitchen.  We're actively trying to hire local talent but the job market is fierce.

We could use willing adults to help serve our guests savory meals with Christian hospitality.  Requires: clean background (and background check) and love of people.  Does not require : cooking experience. 

Dates we could use help:

  • January 23rd-26th (2-3 people)

  • January 28th-30th (3+ people)

  • February 4th-6th (3+ people)

  • February 11th-13th (3+ people)

  • February 18th - 21st (3+ people)

  • February 25th- 27th (3+people)

  • March 4-6th (2-3 people)

  • March 11th-13th (2-3 people)

  • March 25th-27th (3+ people)

Logisitics: We have a 2 bedroom house to stay in and some weekends our log house.  Masks are highly likely to be required in the kitchen (along with daily self health checks).  If you or a group of you from your church might be able to help us for a weekend - we would love to connect!  Please call or e-mail us!

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