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Run, Walk and Bike-a-thon fundraiser for Double K

WHEN:  July 15th to August 15th, 2021

WHO:   Anyone who wants to participate. Young, Old, Female or Male. Place is where you live. Keep a record of your total miles


  • Small registration fee includes event T-shirt  (registration coming soon)  After that, Keep a record of your activity, run, walk or bike.                      

  • Decide how much to give per mile. Example, total walking per week, 1000 miles (WOW) X .01= $10.00. 

  • Send the amount you want to give to DK at the event end August 15th.  Also turn in your total miles.  Ideally we'll keep a running weekly total for each catergory (running, walking, and biking) to see who's on the scoreboards. (Use either the donate button or mail to PO Box 98, Easton, WA 98925).  Donation receipts will be send back for your tax deductions

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What if you're logging miles isn't your thing? 

Nominate and sponsor a friend, a pastor or your spouse!

Double K's mission is to be a Christ-centered environment serving all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal.  The Covid19 shutdown has decimated DK's business and we need your help to get through these times.  Having a place to come together under Christ has always been important and after this pandemic of separation - it will be a more vital ministry than ever before.   Please help us through this time and into the future!