Women's Retreat

September 17-19, 2021


We are all battling time, priorities, and trying to support and strengthen relationships.  Often that means bringing strength to those we care about.  We want this weekend to help.  Come join us for a weekend of rejuvenation, fellowship, and renewal. 

Lynette Low - Worship Leader

Lynette has been leading worship teams since 1996.  She has been a part of building and equipping worship teams for women’s ministry, youth ministry, church worship teams and various non-profit organizations. She felt God’s call to be a part of educating teams about the “Heart of Worship”, so that these teams could lead others into worship with a servant’s heart.  Currently Lynette serves as a Chaplain to the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission, Women’s and Children’s Shelter.  She also serves once a month on worship at the Men’s Union Gospel Mission.  Her hope is that as she leads worship with or without a team that others will be drawn into the presence of God. 


Karlene Nordness - Speaker

Karlene is a wife of 53 years, mother to two grown children and a daughter of the King.  She loves Jesus and has seen and witnessed God’s love and the power of His Word transform and change lives.  Her desire is that as daughters of the King we would have an expectant faith—expecting God to be exactly who He says He is—Savior, deliver, comforter, healer and friend.

 Karlene is passionate about seeing women walk in freedom and her heart might be best expressed in 1 Thessalonians 3:18 – “real living for me is seeing you stand firm in the Lord.” 

Karlene is presently serving at Columbia Community Church in the Tri Cities where she serves on the church board as well as teaching and leading Women’s Bible studies.  She also enjoys sharing God’s word at retreats as well as training women in roles of leadership.

Extra fun during the retreat....

We're cooking Apple Butter!  We'll start it about 4am and hope to have it done for your choice time in the afternoon.  Apple butter on a warm biscuit....so good!

Also our county's search and rescue team is having 5k race fundraiser out of Double K that can also partner with your afternoon choice time!  Sign up at Runsignup.com